Monday 22 December 2014

Review: Oolong Supreme

So a few weeks back I purchased Modern Tea from Chapters, written by Lisa Boalt Richardson. I have been reading it through section by section and while I already had a pretty good knowledge about tea production, I learned quite a few new things from Richardson. For example, I learned more about oolong tea and that there is so many different ways to process it. In fact, it's the type of tea that has the most variation in its process which yields that widest range of flavours.

With this in mind, I purchased Oolong Supreme from David's Tea. My last David's review wasn't so positive, and in general I'm biased against their flavoured teas. Their straight teas, however, I'm very eager to try and on this trip, I made the girl pull down all four of their oolongs. While they were all very tempting, I of course had to take home the most expensive of the bunch.

Type: Oolong
Ingredients: Dang Cong Oolong
Brewing Time: 2 minutes for the first steep and 3 minutes for the second steep
Brewing Method: Cast iron
Smell: Complex, rich
Flavour: Complex and beautiful, the first steep is so light and ever so slightly astringent. The best way I can describe it is a roasted-floral tone.

(My brand new bun mug! Thanks Teavana)

Overall rating: 1 2 3 4 5

My first sip was just such a wonderful experience. I think I'm going to try all my first sips from glass to allow for a pure flavour because doing so this time around did the tea such justice. It was amazingly refreshing, gorgeous, and so damn good. When I finished its first steep, I noticed the leaves had more to give, so I resteeped them a second time, adding another minute. I'm so glad I did, it yielded another beautiful pot of tea which I enjoyed for the rest of the night. The other thing I loved about this tea is, while it is $19.50 per 50g, it's so fluffy so 50 grams of this tea looks like 100 grams of most other teas. The person helping me actually grabbed the next bag size up to get the tea to fit. The volume of the tea, its quality, and its ability for resteeps make this tea such a winner value-wise. So far, this is my favourite oolong, and I can't wait to try their others!

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