Tuesday 6 October 2015

Shaktea review

Vancouver has its fair share of tea houses, and my goal is to visit them all. Granted, this will take such a long time, but a girl can dream right? Introducing my first tea place to review (more to come!): Shaktea!
My partner and I have been pretty obsessed with high tea places recently, so this

Now this place is a bit different than most tea places. It had a very hipster-hole-in-the-wall feel that made it cozy. Unfortunately, there was only one staff person on that day which made service a bit slow, but other than that, the experience was a joy. We walked in without a reservation as well, and many places in Vancouver require a reservation, so really, what's there to complain about?

Okay, so, price per high tea was $17, which included a pot of tea and a refill. A pretty reasonable price for such a lovely tea service. Crumpets, macarons, and freshly baked scones, oh yes, reasonable is at its best here. I tried their “Sun and Fruit” honeybush tea and it was so good, so so soooooo good, I'll have to go back and grab some. Lightly fruity, didn't need any sweetener, oh Lordy, you can buy it on their website (see below), and I recommend you do so.

You can also purchase any of their loose teas to make at home. Unfortunately I could not take any home on this occasion, but I did grab a teapot warmer for a wonderful price! You can also purchase the teapots they use there in so many different colours! I wanted to buy them all but my cabinet is already choked full.

Image taken from Shaktea's Facebook Page
If you're around the area, definitely check it out. It's also a place I would recommend going if you need the necessities to brew loose-leaf at home. My partner and I have decided that we will revisit Shaktea every time he sees his doctor.
Image taken from Shaktea's Facebook page

Please visit Shaktea`s facebook page here.
Please visit Shaktea's website page here.

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